Fyne Ales have arrived!


Spring is here, the sun has started shining, and we now have the utterly refreshing Jarl and fruity Sanda Blonde on tap. We are extremely exited to now be serving Fyne Ales on tap as they are not only produced on our doorstep, but are delicious award winning ales made by a pretty cool bunch. What really sets them apart is their unique water source freshly running down the mountain behind the brewery. They produce beers with character and release seasonal beers which the team get to use their imagination with, meaning some interesting limited releases. Lynsey told us a story about how she bought every Guava in Glasgow last summer for a beer, receiving some curious looks whilst doing so.

Fyne Ales

We will be serving the Jarl as a staple on the bar with our other tap showcasing the seasonal favourites. We would highly recommend visiting the brewery and taking the tour. We tried some amazing beers (the Ich Bin Ein Berryliner really caught my attention)  and can't wait to keep broadening our knowledge by tasting some more! It's research of course.